Sri Lankan Stories

From the first step onto her soil, follow my years as I've found & lost both homes & friends, laughed & cried all too many times & learned more about life & it's people that can safely be thrown at a person.


Experience everyday life & its mishaps in a tropical bedlam I called home for over 3 years, & fall for this little-known country, inspired to make your own stories somewhere in the world.

December 30, 2018

So you are heading to Sri Lanka, I bet you cant wait to take tht picturesque train ride leaning out of the open doorway, or relaxing on one of the stunning beahces. Well I'm here to show you that the capital is also worthy of your time here.

Before I had begun living in Colombo, and then during my numerous stays I was finding the guidebooks and a selection of articles collectively agreeing that you should pass through quickly, advising you not to spend more than one or two nights in the city befo...

July 26, 2018

So what is it really like you ask? Well...

It's hot, dusty orange roads span the length and breadth of a vibrant and fascinating country the size of Scotland. This may seem small, but the place has a real knack of making your journeys double in time. The constant beeping and honking from the haberdashery of traffic and people filter the ears like music through headphones with the volume turned up too high. This soon becomes your accepted norm.

The zebra crossings are an out of place foreign conce...

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