An Ode To Quisha

May 19, 2019


You came in unassumingly.

Your smile one of comfort, and safety.

Picking up the guitar we all knew we had found someone special in you.


You are on the move,

In every sense of the word.

A child of the earth,

You tread with love in every step,

Leaving the remnants of your goodness in the breeze of your passing.


You are rare, my friend.

To deep dive into life with such vigour,

To understand it for the sake of bettering it,

For most, you are out of the ordinary that they simply cannot help but to feel something by crossing your path.


You wanted to dance your way around the world.

“Mama Africa, I am home”.

A contrast to their culture,

Your extroverted, dancing self stirred the whole town that day.


Twirling your way around the square,

The curious approached,


Sat and watched,

Or coyly stared from afar.


Being in this town for a long time,

Watching the cross cultural interactions

I had never seen such an impact until you came along.

Boundaries forgotten,

Happiness embraced,

Life just trying to be lived.

It just so happened you had spectators.


The energy changes around you.

Even if you just seemed like another hippie foreigner,

Dancing barefoot along their streets,

I could see the change in them, if only for their passing seconds.


Watching people smile, pause.

Taking the time to soak in your energy,

I could sense it.

You tested the peripheries of their culture with your ways,

And they smiled, boundaries down.

Human to human,

Race, religion, and the troubles of the world,

Put on pause.


Your light inside is your power.

Your smile a friendly ice breaker.

Your fluid dance a hypnotic art.


As quickly as you came in you passed straight on by.

A feather in the wind,

An intense burst of pure love and positivity,

Your energy lives on in our memories of you,

Long after you have left for new places.


You are a window into the higher life,

A happy human,

And a beautiful soul.

Keep dancing on through Mama Africa,

And may we meet again soul sister,

Somewhere in the world.




As published on Elephant Journal.

You can connect with Quisha here.

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