7 Weeks In The Malay Isles For Under £600

October 4, 2018

How to spend 2 months in Penang and Langkawi and conserve your budget.



Now, although this is true that I did spend under £600 - this was for my daily expenses. If we include my flights, the title of this post should read as follows:




Now, let’s face it, that doesn’t seem like much of a deal to shout about does it? Most of you would be sighing at how expensive that sounds and immediately closing this window. But, there is hope, that you can travel cheaply around some of Malaysia’s best islands for very little each day, if you implement some money saving travel tricks.




On a whim, in the summer of 2016, midway through a failing 12 week trip through Asia, I made the impulse decision to visit Penang for a little under 2 weeks to see what all of the fuss was about. I had never been before and I knew very little about it, other than it being a hub for colonial architecture, and having some of Malaysia’s best food. I left vowing to return for a lot longer to explore the other 80% I had missed in my newest destination obsession.


And do that I did. Splitting my time between Penang and Langkawi (the island I almost made it to in 2016), the travel blues are in full swing and I’m daydreaming of Mee Goreng and Chinese shop houses while still being able to feel the heat of the tropical sun. I have put together all that I have seen and done, and how I managed to do it all with £600 for my budget to prove to myself, as much as to everyone else that it can be done.


Click on any of the links below to get stuck in.


*Disclaimer: Information in these posts pertaining to the budget of £600 do not include the price of international airfare or any other flights. The prices of airfare fluctuate daily and are subject to change.



First Impressions: Penang

(My first few hours in Penang)



The Budget Statistics

(A weekly round-up of accommodation used, daily leisure and food expenditures)



Utilising the Volunteer Network - coming soon

(How to use workaway, helpX and Couchsurfing in exchange for drastically cutting down your budget)



How To Have Friends All Over The World - coming soon

(Why everyone should try Couchsurfing)



Using Penang’s Bus Network

(How to get EVERYWHERE in Penang on the cheap)



Finding Paradise In Langkawi - coming soon 

(My time as a Workaway Volunteer)









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