Peace Paradise Beach Resort

July 26, 2018






The What When & Why:

I first came to this hotel way back in 2013 for my ‘day off’ when I was volunteering at the Island’s well-known animal shelter LAW; I liked it so much I returned each weekend, and then again a few years ago when I made it back to Koh Lanta. The owners still remember me and the place retains the same small family run feel it had when I first came.


I’ve only ever stayed in the green season - the Thai’s name for low season - and I honestly wouldn’t want to stay at any other time because it's just too, quite frankly, peaceful! It was a retreat from the sweaty grind of the shelter and really was a luxury break. I would step out of my room and into the pool, often having the whole place to myself with perhaps only one or two other guests!


From my first visit I knew it would be the only hotel I would use whenever I come to Koh Lanta. I really have made it my own little slice of paradise and a place to step away from technology, repeating my days of swimming, eating, sunset watching and sleeping.



Experience Of Hotel:


Room Booked: Deluxe Double Room with Pool Access.


A very clean, large room with entryway space and a seating area next to the terrace. The room doesn’t feel cramped despite the king size bed and the room stays cool from the stone tiled floor throughout.


Bed: A gigantic white linen bed ticks the stereotypical box for amazingly comfy, luxurious sleeps.


Pillow Rating: 8/ 10 – chunky and sinkable.


Connectivity: Free Wifi in the rooms with average speed, the connection dips slightly the closer to the beach you get.


Food: I can’t really comment on the food because in the low season the restaurant was closed, or only opened on request. Currently I think this has changed, however do check with the property before booking, or check room option on booking websites. I remember having one random breakfast there, and it was a delicious banana and chocolate pancake, but I have seen many good reviews of their menu and do want to try the food when I visit again.


Facilities: In case you didn’t know, I love swimming pools! I used to base my hotels around the pool size, and I’m still guilty of it, so when I found this hotel the selling point was the pool, and the fact I could step out of the room and into the pool. Again, because of the low season, I never got the chance to experience a drink at the bar or dinner on the beach during sunset because it was always closed, but it was a sacrifice for fewer people and feeling like I was in my own little hideaway from the outside world.  


Location: On the beach; the sun sets directly in front of the hotel and you have a 2.5km stretch of wide coastline to walk up and down once the tide is out.


Value For Money: 9/ 10 – I may not have used all the facilities but I gotw hat was most important to me – a clean and comfy room/bed, a pool, wifi and luxury when I needed to detach from the outside world the most.



For the full description of the hotel, facilities and reviews, or to book this hotel, go here.



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