Amber, Musk, Jasmine. The perfume floats around the narrow, winding streets like the clamour of daily life, literally bumping into you at every turn. The clang clanging of the Metalworks, the pungent whiff of the Tannery somewhere nearby, the familiar sound of liquid sploshing at height into tiny glasses. Tea is poured at the small cafe, a yell from the cart driver ahead stalls you into a wall of colourful leather shoes hanging in a shop as you let the mule pass, followed by a trail of impatient motorbikes. 


The cacophony of hustle and the heady smell of spices is passed for salty sea air, flutes for seagulls and another medina. Two places, a lot of the same, yet very different. A change of pace, no hassle, just the hussle for a laid back life.



May 19, 2019

You came in unassumingly.

Your smile one of comfort, and safety.

Picking up the guitar we all knew we had found someone special in you.

You are on the move,

In every sense of the word.

A child of the earth,

You tread with love in every step,

Leaving the remnants of your goodness in the breeze of your passing.

You are rare, my friend.

To deep dive into life with such vigour,

To understand it for the sake of bettering it,

For most, you are...

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