Narrow streets for endless photos, the cheapest beer on the West coast and packed to the shores with culture, food and historic charm - Penang is tiny but a neverending island of exploration. 


Needing a slower pace of life? Hop next door to 99 islands, turquoise waters and jungle hikes to refreshing waterfalls. Langkawi holds a mile of beach bars with a thriving night scene, but the sparse countryside and deserted beaches offer a never-ending temptation to get happily lost fom the invisible crowds. 

October 7, 2018

"T'was on one bright March morning I bid New Orleans adieu
And I took the rode to Jackson town, me fortune to renew
I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain
Which filled me heart with longin' for the Lakes of Pontchartain
I stepped on board of a railroad car beneath the morning sun
And I rode the roads 'til evening and I laid me down again..."

(The lakes of Pontchartrain by Aoife O'Donovan)

I opened my eyes, bringing m...

October 4, 2018

How to spend 2 months in Penang and Langkawi and conserve your budget.

Now, although this is true that I did spend under £600 - this was for my daily expenses. If we include my flights, the title of this post should read as follows:


Now, let’s face it, that doesn’t seem like much of a deal to shout about does it? Most of you would be sighing at how expensive that sounds and immediately c...

October 4, 2018

I’m not really one to budget or plan my spending, however, I do watch my money because I know how easy it is to watch it vanish before your eyes on seemingly nothing!

If the purchases are snap spends then it’s usually on one-off treats that I wouldn’t be getting constantly on all trips; things like a massage, buying a bottle of wine, a souvenir or a sculpture or piece of art that will take pride of place on my wall back home.


August 20, 2018

Halfway into our week-long trip, which we had planned to make happen around my birthday, we decided to do separate things that morning. It had been nearly four years since I’d seen my Malaysian friend, even then it was only the second time we’d met. For 6 years we’d pretty much existed as a friendship over Facebook, so it was really nice to finally be meeting up for more than a couple of hours.

We’d talk about it too much, alwa...

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