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  Hi There, I'm Louise. 


I've been following my urge to travel since I was young, starting off as the typical Brit abroad in the all-inclusive hotel in Europe, to finding my feet in Asia and trying not to get lonely when I eventually set off on my own.

Nowadays, it's half of my life, I work haphazardly to travel and when I'm not, I'm thinking about it.  I'm too stubborn in wanting to enjoy life to work consistently, take the money and run, and why 4 months seems to be the longest I go for.


The last few years have been spent 'trying' to make it a more permanent thing, being influenced by travel vloggers and digital nomads but having little money and the ability to  procrastinate at every opportunity has left me with questions like "Do I really want to travel all of the time?" and "Why have I not figured this out yet?".  

One thing I do know is that I love to tell stories. If it's not the images we see that make our jaws drop then it is the words we read that transport us to another place. On Dawntodusktravels I simply want to inspire some good old fashioned wanderlust, bringing back the real world hidden behind the gloss and glamour of travel these days.




January 16, 2019

As we climbed yet another set of wide, steeply planked steps, I was busy in thought of how many Sections and courtyards there were to get to the central temple. This must be the fourth gate and there still seemed a maze of...

January 9, 2019

The headlight bumped and swung wildly over the thick blackness of my vision outside the minivan. Tree trunks, emancipated branches mimicking demonic claws, and the boards at the side of the road signifying the barrier betw...

November 7, 2018

Following on from the first half of this post, I have definitely been busting my juvenile thoughts on what I assumed I’d find this side of the Tonle Sap Lake. I can unquestionably say that I plan to return to Cambodia agai...

August 20, 2018

Halfway into our week-long trip, which we had planned to make happen around my birthday, we decided to do separate things that morning. It had been nearly four years since I’d seen my Malaysian friend, even then it was onl...

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