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Exotic? Mysterious? Jungle - shrouded temples and ruins? All of the above and so much more.


Irrepressibly friendly and underexplored, Cambodia can ignite the Lara Croft in you, unable to get your fill of crumbling temples and colossal stone, it is one place to go when you want to feel truly wild.

PS - Did you spot the face in the stone? 



January 16, 2019

As we climbed yet another set of wide, steeply planked steps, I was busy in thought of how many Sections and courtyards there were to get to the central temple. This must be the fourth gate and there still seemed a maze of masonry ahead. Fort knots eat your heart out.

By now the sun had fully risen, and the walls of the inner courtyard were bathed in a golden earthy glow. This was the Cambodia I had seen in photos. These g...

January 9, 2019

The headlight bumped and swung wildly over the thick blackness of my vision outside the minivan. Tree trunks, emancipated branches mimicking demonic claws, and the boards at the side of the road signifying the barrier between tarmac and a cold murky morning swim in the lake flicked erratically as we bumped along the long road leading up to the complex.

“Ok, so now we are going to be getting your tickets, your pass. We will be g...

November 7, 2018

Following on from the first half of this post, I have definitely been busting my juvenile thoughts on what I assumed I’d find this side of the Tonle Sap Lake. I can unquestionably say that I plan to return to Cambodia again, as I have been so surprised by each place I’d visited, falling for its veiled charm everywhere I went. There is something magical about this country, partly created by their lack of being a modern Asian po...

November 4, 2018

“So, what did you think of the place”?

“Did it live up to the hype”?

“What’s so special about it”?

“Was it worth it”?

These are all the common questions you get asked if you have just returned from a destination that someone else is interested in going to, or when you want to share and compare your experiences with people who have already been. You turn into a human version of Google and are tasked with helping people to make thei...

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